Related Terms to Argument and a Quiz

Claim: A claim is the statement made within a speech or text. It may also be called a thesis statement. The sentence sums up the point of the text and will be proven by main ideas with supporting details that prove the claim to be true.

Argument is an important part of daily life and used all throughout literature, whether it is through books, stories, films, music, poems, or speeches. Being able to write a good argument with strong supporting concepts would be an advantage for anyone interested in a career that brings concepts to the public. Aspiring writers and songwriters would also benefit from learning how to use argument.


  • Quiz on Argument


  1. The main point of argument is to
  2. bring important concepts to the public’s attention.
  3. get people to change their minds or take some action.
  4. express ideas that are important to the writer.
  5. All of the above.


  1. Argument is similar to a morale or lesson because
  2. both attempt to make the reader learn or think about an important concept.
  3. they clearly state that the reader will learn something.
  4. the author is hoping the audience will teach him or her something in turn.
  5. All of the above.


  1. An Aristotelian argument is the basis of
  2. teaching and learning.
  3. how to help people learn to speak better.
  4. rhetoric, in which the speaker wants to influence the audience.
  5. teaching morals to the audience.


  1. Many rap artists use argument within their songs because
  2. they like to argue with everyone in general.
  3. they want to bring issues of poverty and social injustice to the public attention.
  4. they don’t know how else to speak.
  5. All of the above.


  1. When using argument within a text, the writer should
  2. ensure the argument is illustrated clearly throughout the text.
  3. use song lyrics to make sure the readers are interested.
  4. use numbered points to back up each idea.
  5. make sure the readers know how to contact them for more information

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