Is behavioral learning important?

Learning, due to its essence and nature, cannot be reduced and, let alone, explained on the basis of behaviorist and cognitive approaches. It cannot be thought of as a simple process where mechanical associations take place between the stimuli and the reaction to them. It isn’t merely determined by the ruling external conditions, where truly shaping interventions and numerous variables inherent to the internal structure, mainly of the student’s nervous system, are ignored.

It isn’t simply the connection between the stimulus and reaction, the conditioned response, the habit is, besides, what results of the interaction of the individual taking in the knowledge of certain aspect of the objective reality, along with its physical, chemical, biological and, most importantly, social environment.

Behavior and learning aren’t just consequences of environmental stimuli but the result of its reflection by a material and structure in which emotional state, interests and motivations have an impact. We insist, learning results as a consequence of interaction, in a specific time and place, of all the factors which we could think of as casual or decisive, in a dialectical and necessary fashion.

Cognition is a condition and a consequence of learning: the objective reality cannot be known or acted upon without having understood it, most of all, without mastery of the laws and principles that control its evolutionary change through time and space.

It’s paramount to insist on the fact that the characteristics and the perceptive distinctive features of the problem at hand become necessary conditions for its understanding, recreation and solution. While acquiring any type of knowledge, the organization of the information system, is equally relevant in order to achieve the desired purposes or objectives.

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