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Examples of Argument in Literature

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an example of argument within literature. Stowe was a white woman who was against slavery. At the time, her book created a lot of anger in the South, as she portrayed slave owners in a negative light. Nowadays, people view it as a racist book, because Uncle Tom is seen as too submissive to the white people. However, at the time, her book helped the abolitionists’ cause greatly. Her story was seen as an argument against slavery.


As the South was creating Jim Crow laws to prevent African Americans from voting and living freely among whites, many African Americans moved to New York City. Harlem was a gathering place for many of these displaced Americans, leading to a surge in African American creativity in many of the arts, such as jazz music, the blues, poems, books, and theatre. A famous poem by Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes forces the argument that he, too, is an American. I, Too, Sing America is a simple but powerful poem asserting that while he must now be kept in the back of the house when company comes for dinner, one day Americans will see his true strength and beauty as another part of America – and HE will be at the table.