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The Importance of Argument

Argument is an important part of literature, film, music, and advertising. People use argument throughout their day without realizing it. Poets may write simple poems or lengthy poems as they voice their opinions through argument. Rap artists use argument throughout their songs as they bring attention to issues such as poverty, prejudice, and other social issues. Advertisers are constantly trying to prove their product is best so that consumers will buy it.

Argument helps stories have a message or theme, giving literature deeper meaning and purpose. Without argument in a piece of literature, people may not enjoy the challenge of reading as much since there would be no message within the text.

How to use Argument

To use argument in a narrative, you must first decide what you want to argue. Once you have a message, your overall theme of the story should be based on this. As the plot unfolds in the story, the characters should be acting in such a way as to lead the reader to the argument you are making. For example, if you want to argue that people should respect each other despite how they’re treated, then the plot should end with the protagonist somehow overcoming an obstacle or achieving a great accomplishment due to acting in an honorable way even though he/she was treated badly. To use argument, there are several literary devices that can be used:



Writers use narratives to argue or prove a point. A narrative is a story. Within the story, the argument the writer is making will be proven throughout the plot events of the story and the following consequences of characters’ actions.


Poems/Song lyrics:

Song lyrics are a form of poem that is put to music. Poems are short pieces of literature using concise and brief language. The poet or songwriter will use various types of figurative and descriptive language to make an argument for or against a topic. Rap artists use their songs to argue against many social injustices.



Writers may use an expository essay or a speech in order to argue for a concept or idea that is important to them. Authors such as Barbara Kingsolver has used essay form to encourage readers to consider concepts such as keeping the environment green and helping others.