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Learning linked to conscious comprehension

Learning linked to conscious comprehension and consistent with what’s being learnt is long lasting, especially if throughout the cognitive process there is also a correct feedback, meant to regulate and facilitate, which ultimately causes learning to take place in a shorter time, even more so, when used according to the purposed, objectives and motivations of the student.

During human learning, a holistic and systemic interpretation of behavioural factors and considering fairly internal variables by acknowledging they carry meaning, are undoubtedly important when it comes to didactics. These are the reasons why they need to be accounted for when developing teaching procedures or modalities, oriented to people who may not be able to have face to face interaction with the person responsible for conveying the information and developing pertinent abilities and skills.

As long as you are consistent with the factors we’ve pointed out, you’ll be able to affect the efficiency and efficacy of the learning process, according to the model that establishes the critical route: the shortest way with the best results quantity, quality and duration wise.