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When to use Argument

Argument can be used within poems, narratives, essays, songs, and any other text. It should be used when a person wants to bring attention to an issue that requires more action or thought. It can be used to help end negative feelings toward a group, ending hostility toward others, getting people to stand together to improve situations, bring about or reinforce positive feelings, and to encourage or support.


Students in various schools use argument within their classes, particularly in their English classes as they learn the process. However, many other subjects may also use argument, such as a history class. People in advertising, marketing, and public relations may use it when they are trying to influence the public.


Examples of Argument in Popular Culture


Many books that have been made into movies have an argument within their message. Today, a lot of the post-apocalyptic book-based movies, such as The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and Divergent, are making arguments that society is losing its civility and will fall to primitive standards if we don’t change our ways now. The video below shows the argument in a few other movies. Shawshank Redemption (Hope is eternal); The Fight Club (Anarchy); The Sixth Sense (Perception is deception); Pinocchio (Listen to your conscience).



Music is always popular no matter what decade. Various types of music stay with us no matter what generation is listening. Many Christian artists write songs that are easily adapted by the rest of culture because the words transcend across beliefs. One such song is “Get Back up Again” by Toby Mac. The song makes the argument that life may knock us down. It’s not the end of the world; it’s all a part of life. If we don’t get back up again, we will not succeed